Here Comes The Rain Again

It’s six-thirty on a Saturday morning, and I’ve already been up for an hour. It’s pouring outside and the forecast looks grim. I guess that means I won’t go for a run; I wouldn’t want to take a spill and be down for the count because of it. Today will be one of those lazy days for me, I suppose. Nothing to do but read, write, listen to music, eat good grub, maybe chat it up with friends. I deserve days like today. Well, maybe without precipitation–I can go without the rain.

There’s so many things I can enjoy indoors today. For instance, there is the Grindhouse Film Festival that’s happening at Hollywood Theatre this weekend. They have a couple of 1970’s martial arts flicks in their line-up that would be killer to see on the big screen. And they’ve got a zombie movie! Oh, and Beowulf is out now, too. What to do? What to do?! Or, I could spend a couple of hours at Powell’s today, and just peruse through the cajillion books that they’ve got. (I’m in the middle of a Michael Chabon anthology right now; I probably should hold my horses in buying a new paperback until I’ve finished this one.)

Ah, my life is so exciting! Sigh…


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