The Universal Language of Music

Last night, I jammed with a few people from work. I’m using the term “jam” very loosely since I, myself, didn’t play any instruments–I simply lent my voice. We have our holiday party on Saturday, and we got this crazy idea a couple of weeks ago that a bunch of us would get a band together to play a couple of songs at the party. They recruited me along with two other vocalists. We practiced for the first time last night, and, for the most part, we did well. This was at once very surprising and unsurprising to me. The musicians–a drummer, two bassists, and two guitarists–had been in one band or another throughout their adult lives. Things came easily and naturally for them. They spoke in their own language–a musical language–as they agreed on chord progressions, percussive styling, and song arrangements. And, although last night was the first time we got together as a “band,” several of the songs we attempted to play actually sounded quite good. For all intents and purposes, I was the newbie, having never been in a band and completely unaccustomed to singing while accompanied by anything other than karaoke music (or my own self on the piano). Yet I found myself quickly getting into the groove, immersed in the talent that surrounded me. I felt simultaneously relaxed and energized. As the evening progressed, so did our music–having gone from being tentative musicians getting together for the first time to sounding like we’ve been playing together for ages. It was exhilarating! I can’t wait for Saturday to come!


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