I’m Dreaming of a Dry Christmas

So, it’s forecast to be wet here in Portland for the next several days. No big surprises there. Thankfully, I’m not traveling during the holidays. Bad weather during a trip is never fun. But, I certainly wished that my holiday time off would’ve had more pleasant weather. And, now, it looks like there’ll be snow on New Year’s Eve. Yay? I suppose P-Town is still luckier than the northeastern states, for instance, that have been dealing with winter woes since late October. Visitors may chide us for having rain nine months out of the year (OK, so maybe that’s a variation of a line in a movie set in another equally wet section of the Pacific Northwest), but we Stumptowners still have it easier than most other parts of the country. Sure, it’s not Southern California where it never rains *cough* but who’d want sunshine all the time? Give me my seasons, beotch! In my nearly twenty years of living off-and-on in Oregon, I remember maybe only white Christmases. I do recall having plenty of wet Christmases. But, enough about the past; I want to focus on the present. So, if there is any justice in the world, I’ll have a dry Christmas regardless of the weather forecast.


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