Rathbun’s was Amazing!

Day 4 in Atlanta ended on a particularly fun note. I was invited to dinner by a group representing one of my company’s biggest vendors. We went to a restaurant called Rathbun’s located on 112 Krog Street in the King district of Atlanta. The experience was divine. I arrived and joined the group for cocktails at the front bar. A half-hour later we were sat for dinner. The wine selection was extensive; my hosts chose some very expensive vintages, which tasted magnificently. Appetizers came in the form of “small plates.” One of the selections was “roasted bone marrow,” which may sound disgusting but, coming from a Filipino background, it was actually quite tasty. Evidently it’s a southern treat. They offered a particularly delectable creamed corn that was out of this world. I chose the pork chop for the entree and it was sublime– tender and exceptionally tasty, on a bed of red cabbage carbonara– the combination was heavenly. We selected a couple of mixed platters for dessert, which topped off the evening quite well. It appears that Chef Kevin Rathbun will be on Iron Chef America on February 24th. I can tell you this: whoever the Iron Chef he goes up against will have quite a battle on their hands. In terms of what transpired during the day, let’s just say that I had, yet again, a combination of great and not-so-great classes. Thank goodness I ended the day with Rathbun’s!


1 Response to “Rathbun’s was Amazing!”

  1. 1 January 17, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    Thanks for the comment! The snowboarding trip was great fun! We’re planning another trip in Feb =D

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