Driving and Riding: Second Strange Dream This Week

Okay, I must be sleeping really well these days to be dreaming so much. I had another odd dream last night. Though not as vivid as the one I’d had earlier in the week, this one was just as confusing.

In this dream, I did a lot of driving. I’m in my SUV and seemed like I had a destination in my head but it wasn’t necessarily revealed to me exactly where it was, only that I needed to get there. I took roads that were familiar to me although, to my knowledge, they weren’t any stretches of road that I’d seen before, at least not in any of the cities that I’ve lived in my past nomadic life. There was one area in particular that had crisscrossing overpasses and underpasses when I recalled thinking: “If I took that highway, I’ll get there. But if I took that highway, I’ll get there, too.” Again, I don’t think I ever found out where “there” was. I do recall a couple of times when I had the SUV running idle, and I was in the driver seat looking at something. I could only assume it was a map, but I don’t remember now. All I know is that I had that “something” in front of me, and was holding it with both hands.

At another point in the dream, my destination was my sixth grade elementary school. That time, however, I was on a bicycle rather than in my SUV. The scene started with me rounding a corner where there was a Chevron gas station, which had an autobody shop. The street was familiar to me, but I don’t recall it truly existing anywhere in reality. When I passed the gas station, I knew that I would be going up a steep hill to get to the school. As I was heading up the hill, I found myself struggling and discovered that the front tire of the bicycle had deflated. Grudgingly, I turned around and headed back down the hill toward the Chevron gas station, where I figured there’d be an air compressor machine.

I got there and saw that the machine was inside the autobody shop, which I found odd since, most times, the air compressor machines at gas stations were outside in plain view. Anyway, I rode my bike up to it, and started to help myself. A mechanic walked up to me and, without saying a word, tapped the rear wheel of the bike and said, “This one doesn’t need it.” I thought the comment odd and unnecessary since it was plain to see it was the front tire that needed the air. Anyway, he then writes me an invoice for $2.oo USD, which I assumed was for the air. I told him that I needed to get gas, too, and he said that the pumps were outside. I don’t recall stopping to think why I would need gas for my bicycle when I stepped outside to naturally find that my SUV was sitting out there. That was where the scene ended.

The dream then took me onto a helicopter when I seemed to be a paratrooper. At least, that’s what I assumed. I couldn’t see myself, and was almost just a spectator to the scenes that unfolded. I recall one of the paratroopers had, unfortunately, died, while in mid-jump, and was dangling on the side of the helicopter with his released parachute. The pilot yelled for me to cut him off. The helicopter was shaky and I recalled struggling to my knees and crawling over to the open door on the left, noticing for the first time how the parachute had caught onto some rigging inside the helicopter. I looked out the window and down toward the paratrooper, who swung limply with the movement of the helicopter. When I finally produced a knife with which to cut him down, I noticed that the paratrooper was holding a plate in front of him. I squinted to see what was on the plate, and– I swear to God– it was a plate of uncooked ground beef.

Then I heard my alarm clock.

I don’t think you’d have to be Freud to figure out what certain parts of my dream may have meant, but it was still interesting that my mind chose such imagery to send me subconscious messages. For other parts, however– such as the plate of uncooked ground beef– I am racking my brain trying to comprehend their meaning.

As with my dream earlier this week, this one had rendered me exhausted. I’m struggling right now to find motivation to hit the gym this morning, but I know I must. Sigh. I knew we shouldn’t have had that plate of Truffle Fries at the restaurant last night…


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