Lucky Thirteen: My Life Without Coffee

I’ve rolled into Day 13 of my coffee-free existence. Right now, I’m at a Starbucks (I know, blech!) because (a) it’s cold outside, (b) my favorite coffee shops weren’t open yet, and (c) I find it more comfortable to blog while outside of the house. Plus, it’s cold outside. Anyway, I’m drinking a venti, two-bag, mint Tazo hot tea. (Geez, and I thought my days of ordering multisyllabic beverages were over.) You know what’s funny? I went up to the counter, ordered hot tea, and was promptly interrogated like a crime suspect. “What flavor would you like?” “What size drink would you like?” “Would you like one or two bags?” “Would you like a jacket for your cup?” “Would you like a copy of your receipt?” I was waiting for them to offer me crumpets with my tea. Alas, they didn’t.


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