Ads We Can’t Get Out of Our Heads

This morning, I woke up with aches and pains from muscle groups I never thought I had, and I blame Wii wholeheartedly (see previous entry). Word of advice: do some stretching exercises before playing this very physically active (and addictive) video game system, and get some ActivOn ready. I’m actually worried that my weight training for the week has been dramatically hampered by my Wii-ing for the past couple of days. Hmm, maybe I wonder how many calories I’ve lost playing Wii tennis?

But, I digress. This post is actually about the 25 most memorable commercials to hit American television in the past quarter century (as compiled by USA Today). Of course it’s very U.S.-centric and may not have too much of an impact on non-U.S. bloggers, but it was still a treat to read the list. I came upon the article after spending nearly an hour looking for an old Coca Cola advert from the late 80’s, which featured a young Filipino girl named Lilet singing a song called Tomorrow’s People. In the commercial, Lilet leads off by singing the first few lines of the catchy one-minute tune before being joined by a multi-ethnic army of kids all carrying Coca Cola bottles in their hands. (If you’re a “detail geek” like me, you would notice that some of the bottles actually have the words “Coca Cola” written in the kids’ native language.) While I was unsuccessful in finding the version of the advert that featured Lilet– and because this particular advertising campaign happened to have been a global effort, which featured young singers local to the advert version’s country– I did happen to find the U.K. version (below).

I am the future of the world

I am the hope of my nation

I am tomorrow’s people

I am the new inspiration

And we’ve got a song to sing to you

We’ve got a message to bring to you

Please let there be for you and for me a tomorrow

If we all can agree, there’ll be sweet harmony tomorrow

And we all will be there with Coca Cola to share

Feelings so real and so true

Promise us tomorrow and we’ll build a better world for you

Sweet poetry. I wonder where this U.K. girl is now, twenty years later, and if she is building a better world. Then again, did anyone really promise her tomorrow? What of the other kids, all two thousand of them. (I’ve made up that number. There are only 194 countries in the world and, even if each country sent up to two or three representatives for this commercial, the most that they would’ve had in the crowd would be 600 kids. Two thousand just sounds more dramatic.)

The song on the Coke ad, however, should not be mistaken for Ziggy Marley & The Melody Maker‘s song bearing a similar title. However, Marley’s ditty is also worthy of a listen:

Tomorrow people, where is your past?

Tomorrow poeple, how long can you last?

Ah, wiser pondering have never been made.


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