NE Politicos Sure Love Sex

It seemed that everyone in the media has weighed in on the prostitution scandal that had recently befallen New York Governor Elliot Spitzer. Everyone from Adam Carolla on his morning radio show to Chelsea Handler in her E! talk show, Chelsea Lately, especially focused on how (soon-to-be “ex”?) Mrs. Spitzer stood by her (soon-to-be “ex”?) husband during a press conference in New York where the governor apologized to the public.

“I have acted in a way that violates my obligation to my family and violates my or any sense of right or wrong,” said Spitzer, 48, who swept into the governor’s office in January 2007 on pledges to restore ethics to state government. [Excerpt from Chicago Tribune article.]

If you recall, current Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton likewise stood by her husband Bill during the Monica Lewinsky scandal that plagued the former President in 1998. And, after some research into a newsbyte that I hadn’t previously heard about, the ex-wife of former Governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey, had also done the same in front of the cameras as her then husband announced to the world of his resignation and that he had had a homosexual affair with a male employee. (Incidentally, the other party to the McGreevey sex scandal, Goran Cipel, also had a few things to say about the “affair.”)

And people wonder why I have a love/hate relationship with politics.


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