Rehab Sucks…

After deciding to live a coffee-free existence when February rolled in, I’ve recently (and by recently, I mean this morning) concluded that I had merely allowed myself into accepting the illusion of having given up the java, when, in fact, I’ve actually been in “coffee rehab” this whole time. I say this because over the past six weeks of espresso ecstasy deprivation, I at times thought about– nay, yearned– my decaf Americano. Although they were few and far between, these yearnings for coffee were sometimes so strong that I would actually find myself at a precipice whilst (why don’t we use the word “whilst” as often as we could?) placing my beverage order at any of my (still) favorite coffee shops (I can’t very call them “tea shops,” you see). For a nanosecond, I would imagine myself blurting out “One decaf Americano, please.” but, in the end, my brain yelling “No! For the love of all things holy, order a goddamn herbal tea!” would always win out.

Now, I could say that I gave up coffee for Lent, being partially Catholic (and by partially, I mean that I’m far from devout) and, therefore, allow my tongue to bathe in processed coffee beans again once Easter arrives. But do I dare risk the wrath of the Big Guy by taunting Him with such cowardice?



1 Response to “Rehab Sucks…”

  1. 1 DAVE ID March 15, 2008 at 2:09 pm

    Give it up. Caffeine brain-fuel. Just get yourself a good can of Rockstar and see what you’ve been missing 😀

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