Easter 2008 Weekend

I drove up north to spend some time with family during the Easter holiday weekend. After a leisurely brunch on Saturday– courtesy of my sister’s cooking– we headed to downtown Seattle to take in the sights and enjoy the unusually sunny day.

Our first stop was the Punk Rock Flea Market at the Underground Events Center, which the organizers perhaps named thusly to attract hipsters and hipster-wannabes (synonymous terms, in my opinion). Unfortunately, it also struck the fancy of curious onlookers (namely us) who were treated to a menagerie of junk– disguised as “arts and crafts”– for sale. Plus, you had to pay one dollar to peruse through rubbish. But, as the old adage goes– one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure– so I’m quite certain the entrepreneurs at the market made a sale or two before the end of the day. The next time I feel a hankering to wade through a collection of crafty knick-knacks of various levels of perceived value, I would sooner visit Portland’s Saturday Market where the quality is much better on any given day and admission is free.

We walked several blocks up to Pike Place Market which is always bustling. But because of Easter weekend and the uncharacteristically nice weather, the place seemed more abuzz than usual. We laughed at the drivers who attempted to traverse the cobblestone streets surrounding the market amid the hordes of pedestrians. Thankfully, none of us felt compelled to see any flying fish, which, although fun, is forever referenced with the Market and has enjoyed overexposure in movies, documentaries, and photography.

Prior to dinner, we meandered the Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park where I snapped quite a few pictures, not the least of whom were of my totemo kawaii nieces.

Easter Weekend 2008 023

Easter Weekend 2008 015

Dinner on Saturday evening at the Old Spaghetti Factory near Pier 70 was tolerable at best. Remind me never to eat at Old Spaghetti Factory ever again.

Sunday was a wake-up-whenever-you-feel-like-it affair, replete with yet another tasty brunch and several hours of play on the Wii. Today, I am nursing a bum right wrist. Thanks a lot, Nintendo.


2 Responses to “Easter 2008 Weekend”

  1. 1 Bryan March 24, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    Glad you’re enjoying your weekend up north while I hold your place here in Portland. Cute pictures of your neice!

    I still love OSF. I know it’s a chain, but it’s been one of my favorites for years. Oh well…

    Catch you later man.

  2. 2 jonsquared March 25, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    @ Bryan – Hope you’re enjoying P-Town. Sorry it’s been a bit cold lately, but what’d I tell you about our sun breaks, eh?

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