Garmin With The Wind

Real men don’t ask for driving directions. That’s what we’re taught to say. Are GPS devices, therefore, leading to our inadvertent emasculation?

Some time ago, I offered to provide a couple of out-of-towners driving directions on how to get to a particular spot at which we all needed to meet up. The guys told me my directions weren’t necessary since they had a Garmin. I said fine and we went on our separate ways. I hopped in my car and decided that I would take a “short cut,” knowing that my “short cut” would get me to the spot at least 10 minutes faster than the other guys who would no doubt be instructed by their Garmin to take the freeways.

Big mistake. I ended up getting a little lost on my “short cut” and actually found myself in a part of the city with which I was unfamiliar. Naturally, I didn’t stop to ask for directions and, instead, managed to make my way to our rendezvous point by following my own instincts and basic navigational cues. I arrived at the spot 10 minutes later than the other guys, who mocked with, “And you wanted to give us driving directions.”


1 Response to “Garmin With The Wind”

  1. 1 curlywurlygurly April 22, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    my husband owned up to his lack of directional sense years ago–thankfully. that said, his mom did give him a garmin for christmas last year for all those times when i’m not with him and he needs to find his way home from work. lol.

    i’m really good with maps and directions–huzz says i have On-Star inside (my head). one look at a map and i can figure out where i need to go. it’s kinda cool and is one of my few talents. on the flip side, i suck at algebra. 🙂

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