Dead Battery

At 530pm this evening, I needed to be somewhere that was 10 to 15 minutes driving distance from work so I left work at 515pm. Of course, as what often happens when one is in a hurry to get somewhere, a vehicle-related dilemma happens (i.e. low on gas, missing keys, etc.). In my case, this evening, it was a dead battery. It appears that I mistakenly left my headlights on after coming back from my lunch offsite. This meant over five hours of my car’s battery thinking, “Hmm, now when is he going to turn me off?” I was kicking myself for doing such a stupid thing. I had to call Security to have them jump my car. I made it to the spot by 6pm. I guess that’s not so bad, but I just hate having had to deal with a dead battery, especially knowing that it was my total complete fault that it happened.

I wish I could say this will never happen again, but I never say never. 😉


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