I Be Facebookin’, Yo

So, I’ve recently joined Facebook. And by recently, I mean like in the last three weeks. Since then, I’ve reconnected with friends, relatives, and former colleagues that I’ve all but lost touch with throughout the years. This ‘networking’ tool certainly does wonders. The biggest wonder of which is how much spam (junk mail) I’ve gotten since joining. It’s actually quite irritating. I have a pittly 20Mb capacity mailbox that gets filled to the brim within a day due to all the damned spam I’m getting. Oh, I’ve tried circumventing it by changing the email address on my Facebook profile– to a Yahoo! one that I don’t generally check– but the damage is already done. Thanks to Facebook, I am bombarded with ads for pharamaceutical products I will never use, money-making schemes that will never work for me, and scammers posing as respectable financial institutions trying to get at what little money I do possess. Thanks a lot, Facebook.


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