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A Stroke of “Genius”

I opened my iTunes tonight to discover that it has a new application called Genius.

It’s a pretty cool app. For example, I highlighted Sufjan Stevens‘ song “Chicago,” clicked on the Genius icon, and it automatically scoured my iTunes library for the songs “that go great with it.”  Here is the result:

There are definitely plenty of songs on the playlist above that I listen to quite regularly, like “Phantom Limb” and “Saint Simon” (from The Shins), “Fell in Love with a Girl” (from The White Stripes), and “O Valencia” (by The Decemberists).

And, although, I enjoy all the other artists noted, I don’t necessarily have their songs among my most frequently played.  That’s where the Genius app is, well, genius.  I now am able to listen to a group of songs that not only go together well but would otherwise collect dust in my library for lack of play.

If you use iTunes and haven’t downloaded this free application yet, I would suggest that you do.  You may not know what you’re missing.


I Think I’m Getting Addicted…

…to Facebook.