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Numb and Hungry

I got up from the dentist’s chair about an hour ago, and the left side of my lips and tongue are still numb. Don’t get me wrong; I am very thankful for the anesthesia. In fact, I din’t feel a thing today. (Hooray!) And I had two fillings. Two! That I went throught it not feeling a thing was magnificent. 🙂 Unfortunately, I am hungry as hell right now, but don’t feel like eating because (a) the left side is usually where I chew my food and, although it wouldn’t have been an issue to chew on the right, (b) I am fearful that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the food because I wouldn’t be able to fully taste it.

Presently, I am (partially) enjoying a cup of Stumptown coffee (decaf of course!). And, if I could videotape myself, I bet I look like a toothless old man every time I take a sip. I’m not certain if that’s exactly how it looks whenever I sip but because my lips and tongue are still numb, I have a feeling that they look as droopy and useless as they feel.

I’m afraid it’ll be another couple of hours more before the numbness dissipates dramatically enough for me to be able to enjoy the food I would eat.