Long Runs and Nasty Spills and Borderline Frostbites



I went on an awesome run this morning.  I did have to talk myself into it, what with it being only 37°F outside.  But, I put on my layers and braved the cold.  Everything on me was freezing in spite of the three layers of top clothing and two layers of bottom.  And, I could feel my big toes getting frostbitten.  It wasn’t until around mile 4 when I felt my nose starting to thaw.  Yes, it was that cold.

Then around mile 6, when I was running about 6:36 pace, I tripped and took a nasty spill, landing on my left knee and right palm, rolling slightly to end on my right hip.  Although my hip and palm felt fine, a searing, hot pain shot up from my knee, and I knew that I’d skinned it quite well.  It was difficult to ascertain this, however, from the black thermal pants, so I decided that the only thing to do was ignore it.  I finished my 10.77-mile run at an average pace of 8:48 per mile.  (Oh, and Lance Armstrong came on my iPod Nano, congratulating me for my “longest workout yet.”  Woot!)

As if I needed to further illustrate how cold it was, when I took my running cap off in the bathroom and looked in the mirror, there were some white stuff on my sideburns.  When I brushed them off, I realized it was frost.  I know, crazy!


2 Responses to “Long Runs and Nasty Spills and Borderline Frostbites”

  1. 1 nectarfizz October 15, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    Dude, the fact that you even run that far is amazing to me. I puff after running a block! Ps. Hope hand and knee are not mad at you!

  2. 2 jonsquared October 16, 2008 at 4:57 pm

    @ bekki – the knee is taking some time to heal but it’s oodles better than it felt on saturday. and, yes, i said ‘oodles’…

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