My Worst Fear Has Been Realized!

Okay, maybe that’s being a little melodramatic, but let me explain.

Four months ago, I upped the ante with my running, going from 0-15 miles per week to 25-35 miles per week.  Two months later, I started to feel a nagging pain from my right shin down to my foot, which was easily fixed with a couple of Aleves. Unfortunately, because I chose to ignore this pain—coupled with a more intense running regimen, including some long runs on the weekends—I exacerbated the “injury” that, about ten days ago, I started to feel the pain from my right hip down to my foot every morning. Of course, the Aleves worked as well, but by late afternoon, a dull version of the pain would return. That whole time, I kept on my running regimen.

So, I broke down and finally saw my doctor yesterday afternoon. His initial diagnosis is that I have a pinched nerve, and that the only way to truly treat it—apart from physical therapy—is rest.


Then, he said, “I highly advise you to avoid running for two weeks, and then we’ll have another check on it.”

Hipster-wannabe say what? I can’t run?!

I then started rationalizing with myself, thinking, “Well, he said to avoid running. He didn’t say that I shouldn’t.” But I knew I was kidding myself, and that the only real way to truly allow this apparent “injury” to heal is to lay off of the running as the doctor advised.

This morning, I walked on the treadmill for an hour, and covered 4 miles. I burned 310 calories. I sweated but it was hardly a workout. I know that I would have to really take it easy or this “injury” will not only get worse, it also won’t go away.



3 Responses to “My Worst Fear Has Been Realized!”

  1. 1 DAVE ID December 11, 2008 at 10:19 am

    JUNKIE, Chasing the dragon. You will continue until the damage is irreversible and you will still want to do more.

    Sounds familiar.

    I was a Grand Prix Equestrian Champion gunning for the Olympics when my career was cut short but a few broken vertebrae and 8 surgeries.

    So then I figured I’d take up Mountain Biking, it’s thrilling but the bike don’t have a mind of it’s own like a horse, what could possibly go wrong right? So after a few near fatal crashes…

    Well I took up Roller Blading. Again I ask you, what could possibly go wrong? I only bent my leg in the wrong direction, ripped my quad off and now limp for a living. They wanted to mechanize my knee (yes we can make him better) and said I’d walk with a cane (which I don’t)

    Then I took up weightlifting (You’d think I’d learn?) but then I realized my body was broken, shattered. I had used it up.

    So what I’m saying here is be careful. There’s a big difference between wanting something and needing something. Don’t brake yourself for some goal. It’s good to have goals, but if you don’t reach them it’s not the end of the world either.

  2. 2 goodbear December 11, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    jon…rest is the best case scenario. you can rest. you’ll be fine. there could have been a much worse treatment.

    i hope the two weeks go by fast for you. behave!

  3. 3 jonsquared December 12, 2008 at 9:18 pm

    two days down! 12 days to go!

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