Bullet Thoughts // 12.19.08

It’s only 5 more days until Christmas and I haven’t done my gifts shopping yet.  It’s probably because, for a while now, I’ve been so over the whole gift-giving at Christmas thing.  I don’t see the point of it anymore, and am actually irritated when other people make such a big fuzz about it.  Some of my relatives go to great lengths to out-gift other people, and that annoys me the most.  This year, I’m going to go simple, not just for me to but my intended recipients.  In fact, I probably won’t shop until Monday or Tuesday and even then would not make a big deal about it.  The most important part for me is to be around family during Christmas.  If I have that, everything else becomes secondary.


I went to the art museum today and forgot how awesome P-Town’s culture central truly is.  They featured an exhibit of photographs depicting the Columbia River Gorge over 80 years.  It was interesting to see history unfold in the photographic series, and it was great to also learn about the evolution of the art of photography.  I meandered through the other exhibits as well, all in all spending a couple of hours within its cultured halls.  For a measly ten-dollar ‘donation’, I feel like I’ve gained so much in terms of my art awareness.


Today is Day 9 of my running moratorium and it’s driving me insane.  Of couse, the snow on the ground is making things less painful, but even the treadmills at the gym are taunting me.  It’s so much so that I haven’t stepped foot inside the gym in several days, and I can feel the calories setting up camp.  Sure, I’ve incorporated long walks, even in zero degree temperatures, but it pales in comparison to my long runs.  Those awesome, invigorating long runs.  O, how I miss them so!  The only thing keeping me from going berserk is that I just have to hold out till Wednesday, when my two weeks of ‘no running’ is officially over.  Only then did my doctor say I could begin running again.  He warned me to start slowly, however.  I’ll try.


I had yet another hotel related dream last night, only this time, I was a hotel guest rather than an employee.  However, for some odd reason, I was also some sort of secret agent or something.  I can’t remember the details of the dream now, but I can vividly recall a scene where I used one of my suitcases as a weapon during an impromptu fight scene in the hotel lobby.  And, boy did I have some moves!  It was Jet Li-meets-Daniel Craig but had a sort of Die Hard feel to it.  I don’t remember what the hell the dream was all about, why I was at the hotel, or why I was a secret agent, but that was one awesome scene.


I’m so tired of this snowy weather…


2 Responses to “Bullet Thoughts // 12.19.08”

  1. 1 smysore December 21, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    Yeah, I heard all about the Portland snow! Here too, we have almost 15 inches on the ground. Our deck furniture is completely buried (Don’t ask me why it was still out there in mid December :)). It snowed continously from Friday noon time to Sunday evening. I’ve had enough and this is just the beginning of Winter.

    Happy holidays!!

  2. 2 nectarfizz January 24, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Snow, snow go away!!

    Take care of our Jon…mmhhkay? We were only give one after all.

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