Bullet Thoughts // 12.28.08

Parents who tote their noisy kids to coffee shops are the most skillful sadists ever.  They could care less if other coffee shop patrons are bothered by their kids’ unruly behavior.  Oh, and yeah, I really wanted to hear you all prattle on about your breastfeeding techniques.  Thank goodness for Pandora, a pair of headphones, and a talent for apathy-on-the-fly.


The snow started melting a few days ago.  In many parts of Portland, Arctic Blast 2008 is but a memory.  In other parts, however, huge globs of frozen, icy snow still riddle the streets and sidewalks.  And in yet other parts, some of the old, melting snow actually look like rootbeer flavored Slushee that I constantly had to fight the urge to break out a straw and start slurping.


There are over 2000 listings for “thai restaurants” in Portland, Oregon, according to Google.  How insane is that?  Seattle has nearly 4800.  This makes finding a really good Thai restaurant nearly impossible as one would conceivably have to visit a ton of Thai restaurants in order to accurately gauge it.  What’s the next best thing to doing this?  Yelp!– a website that lists and rates businesses according to user-generated reviews.  According to Yelp, Baan-Thai Restaurant could possbily be the best in Portland.  Now, of course, this is based on other people’s palates, but you take the average of the ratings, and chances are that Yelp! is right on the money.


I went for a run today for the first time in over two weeks and it felt wonderful.  I took it easy, though, and ran for only 3 miles at a relatively slow pace.  The last thing I want happening is to re-injure the pinch nerve that my doctor believes had sidelined me to begin with.  Tomorrow, i’m going to add another couple of miles to the distance, and the maybe go for a long run by next weekend.  I can’t wait!


4 Responses to “Bullet Thoughts // 12.28.08”

  1. 1 DC December 29, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    Noisy kids in general…ugh. I’m not a big fan of the tots and don’t plan on having any so, I tend to get bothered quicker. 😆

    Hope you had a good holiday!

  2. 2 jonsquared December 29, 2008 at 4:42 pm

    Thanks, DC! And happy new year to you!

  3. 3 nectarfizz January 24, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    I have never eaten Thai…I want to though…point me in the right direction..any in Wisconsin?

  4. 4 jonsquared January 25, 2009 at 5:48 am

    As I don’t know exactly where you live, I’m posting a couple of Yelp links in Wisconsin that may hopefully be helpful:

    Best Rated Thai places in Madison:

    Best Rated Thai places in Milwaukie:


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