Simon Pegg is a Genius!

Simon Pegg is a genius!

Simon Pegg is a genius!

I recently saw Run Fatboy Run on DVD because the trailers for it seemed promising.  Plus, it had Simon Pegg on it, who, after seeing Shaun of the Dead, receives a ‘brilliant’ assessment from me.

Run Fatboy Run is at best a vacuous film, involving the plight of an average Joe who aims to finish a marathon in order to woo her ex-wife back.   Well, ‘ex-wife’ does not really fit Thandie Newton‘s character (‘Libby’)– it’s more like a ‘would’ve been wife’, as Simon’s character (‘Dennis’) had actually left Libby ‘at the altar’ at the beginning of the film.  Hank Azaria lends his deadpan as Libby’s new man (‘Whit’) who, naturally, is a source of disdain for Dennis.

By formula, we see a transformantion in Dennis as the film progresses, with training for the marathon as its parallel, complete with a momentary decision to quit his training when he realizes that he may have lost his chance to win Libby back.

What really made this film for me is Pegg’s delivery and comic timing.  There’s a particulary chuckle-worthy scene involving a subtle interchange between Dennis and a multilingual receptionist (at Whit’s office building).  Okay, maybe it really wasn’t that funny but I was rolling on the floor.

Bottom line: Watch this film on those rainy days when you have an hour and a half to spare.


1 Response to “Simon Pegg is a Genius!”

  1. 1 megan January 11, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    I heart Simon Pegg, and I heart this movie. Thandie Newton was okay, Hank Azaria was great (as usual), and the spatula man was terrific, but Simon Pegg made the whole flick. Perhaps I hadn’t seen any good movies in a while before seeing this, and maybe it was because I went into it with such low expectations, but I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.

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