He Sees Dead People…

Just saw Ghost Town and have to say that I dug it.  They did a lot of things right with this movie:

  1. Hire Ricky Gervais.  Brilliant.  His comic timing was exquisite.  And even though there were plenty of scenes when the character’s supposedly antisocial quirk is all but overshadowed by unusual quick wit, Gervais still delivered a believable Bertram Pincus who was at once deplorable and someone you’d want to root for.
  2. Tell a simple story.  Not a shit load of plot twists here.  There were plenty of predictable moments, but they actually worked.  They didn’t go about insulting the audience’s intelligence by dangling invisible carrots.
  3. Pace things right.  Although the movie was essentially a comedy, I wasn’t laughing the entire time.  It also had some serious moments and scenes that tugged at the heartstrings.  And they just worked in telling the story.  The hospital scenes were the most special to me.
  4. Hire Tea Leoni.  We don’t see her in too many movies these days and it’s always refreshing when she’s on screen.  Nothing can top her most memorable scenes in Spanglish, though.  Nothing.
  5. Hire Greg Kinnear.  I mean, c’mon.  It’s Greg Kinnear.  He’s like the go-to other guy.  He gives James Marsden a run for his money on that angle.

Bottom line: See this movie.


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