Bullet Thoughts // 06.20.09

I don’t know why but for some reason I thought deaf people would also have a sign for laughter so it shocked me when I heard one laugh the other day.  I’d half-expected her to sign her laughter.


Is it antisocial to seek silence?  Sometimes, even when I’m hanging around people, I get an uncontrollable urge to break off from the group and find a quiet, isolated spot just to hear my thoughts.  This has been misconstrued.


No matter how they explain it, or how the law allows it up to a certain time of day, kids at a bar just doesn’t seem right.  So are toy dogs being carried around in women’s handbags at a grocery store.  Since when have these become acceptable?


Karaoke places prove what American Idol audition shows have shown us all along: most people don’t know or could care less how badly they sing.


Is it concerning to crave for a waffle at two-thirty in the afternoon?


My neighborhood Starbucks coffee shop just finished a renovation and is now a more inviting, Internet-surfing-friendly space.  The problem is that there are still freaks aplenty that hang out there.  Myself included.


I don’t consider betting one dollar on lottery drawings gambling.


My Twitter account has killed this blog.  Sort of.


4 Responses to “Bullet Thoughts // 06.20.09”

  1. 1 DAVE ID June 20, 2009 at 6:36 pm

    Is it antisocial to seek silence? Sometimes, even when I’m hanging around people, I get an uncontrollable urge to break off from the group and find a quiet, isolate spot just to hear my thoughts. This has been misconstrued.

    No, it’s a sign of introversion. And its healthy. As an introvert I’m often pointed out by the extroverts as some kind of weirdo for living a mostly inner life of quiet and silence, self reflection, reading, media absorption over Social interaction. This is because I have a social battery with a short-life span that needs to be recharged by being alone. And there is a big difference between being ALONE and being LONELY.

    While the more playful interactive models, the extroverts, need constant reassurance that they are OK with the rest of the pack have little in the way of intellectual pursuits and their heads will most likely explode and their lives be extinguished if they go without social validation for more than 2 minutes… and I’m the one with the social problem?

    If you need to time-out and zone-out away from people. Go for it. It’s most likely because you need it, not because you have a problem. The others can go fuck themselves.

  2. 3 jwdoom June 22, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    The Americans with Disabilities Act requires businesses to allow service animals, but doesn’t require service animals to be marked. Businesses have lost lawsuits over throwing out seemingly healthy people with dogs that turned out to be seizure dogs.

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