Yet Another F@#$ed-up Dream…

I woke up this morning with my shoulder and back muscles hurtin’ like a motherfirker. From sleeping, fuhfirksakes. And instantly, I knew why. It was because I had yet another very active dream. Things are a bit fuzzy now, but I do remember one scene very clearly.

In this one particular scene, there was this woman who’d gone all batshyt crazy in this room full of people. I don’t recall where we were but it seemed to have been some sort of formal setting. I remember seeing long dresses and tuxedos– probably a remnant image from a wedding scene in The Hangover movie, which I’d seen last night. (Awesome movie, by the way!)

Anyway, I’m not entirely certain why but this chick goes all whacked and starts stabbing people (I don’t know if anybody died, but I remember a lot of blood spraying everywhere.) She’s screaming like a banshee and goes all Carrie with her hair covered with blood and shyt.

So, what do I do? I rush to the bar, grab a couple of bottles of alcohol and toss them toward the woman, the bottles breaking on the cement floor near her feet and, somehow, the contents spray out and drenches her dress. Then, in my periphery, I see that someone had suddenly thrown a lit matchstick as if on cue. I don’t know who threw the lit matchstick but it did that whole curved bullet scene in that movie Wanted. It arced around the woman and I thought, “Oh, great, whoever the bastid is who threw that lit match firkin missed…”  Then it curved around and landed on the woman’s alcohol-drenched dress, and she instantly lights on fire and she’s writhing where she’s standing and screaming all monster-like.

Then she fixes her eyes on me, like it was all my firkin fault. I mean, okay, so I was the one who got her dress drenched in fire-inducing alcohol and stuff, but I wasn’t the one who threw the lit match, forfirksakes. So, she starts ambling toward me and the crowd parts as if to say to the freak, “Yeah, it’s dat dude’s fault…”  And, I’m like, I’m so f@#$ed!

I turn and start running and find myself out back and what do I find? An effin swamp. A swamp, forfirksakes! But here’s where the cool part happens– I start floating up and out toward the swamp. I’m f@#$ing flying! I turn around and see the woman, still all alit and shyt, enter the swamp. For some reason, the water doesn’t extinguish her burning dress, and she’s still all furious at me. Then, she starts hurtling fireballs from her hands at me. Fireballs! And, I’m dodging the effin fireballs in midair like I’m firkin Peter Petrelli or something.

That was when my alarm sounded and I woke up to sore muscles.

F@#$ed-up, huh?


6 Responses to “Yet Another F@#$ed-up Dream…”

  1. 1 thefirstcarol June 24, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Go back to sleep, bud. Extinguish that dream.

  2. 3 cfresco June 26, 2009 at 9:10 am

    lay off the piece pipe! crazy hahahaha!

  3. 5 megan June 28, 2009 at 6:11 am

    That would classify as a Grade A nightmare for me. Very disturbing. But the strange thing is that I had a disturbing dream that same night. Maybe there was something in the air…

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