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What I Didn’t Do During My Summer Vacation

As I laid in bed this morning, allowing my body to slowly wake up to the cool autumnal air, one thought seeped out of my groggy mental state: “Where the fck did my summer go?!”

Three months! Three fckn months of awesome weather* during which I could sanely wear shorts and t-shirts went by and I had nothing to show for it. Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little, but, seriously, it seemed like I let this glorious season slip by me.  In fact, here’s a short list of “must do” stuff that I didn’t get a chance to cross off my list:

Have a vacation – It was just too damn busy at work that I couldn’t take any time off and enjoy the beautiful, temperate* summer that descends upon Portland and surrounding areas annually.

Hit the water – It’s a known fact that the sun shines so brightly and warmly in Oregon on only two days in the year, and that those are the only days during which the surrounding water– be it river, lake, or ocean– gets “warm enough” to play in. And, wouldn’t you know that I had to work on those two fckin days?!

Get a tan – I mean, sure, I was born lightly toasted, but I can also get quite pasty for a Filipino. I know something’s wrong when someone refers to me as “Whitey.”

Go camping – Sure, I hate camping. The mere thought makes me break out in hives. But the thought of spending some time with good friends in the great outdoors– even if I join them for only one night– would’ve been tons of fun.

Go to a BBQ – I was invited to tons of BBQ’s this past summer but because of my work schedule I couldn’t go to a single one of them. Mthrfckr!

Oh, fckn well… there’s always next year. Right?

* This excludes the two fckn weeks of Heat Wave ’09 when the temperatures made it seem like we were living on Mercury.


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Priyanka Chopra: Another Desi Beauty

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