What If You Could…?

I recently read about how writer Evan Ratliff “vanished” for an entire month this past summer to determine how easy (or otherwise) it was to get off the grid in the digital age.

And I got to wondering: What if…?

What if I can simply leave my current life and start anew?  Get a new name, a new identity, make up a new past.  I could be anyone or anything.  The possibilities would seem to be endless.  Well, probably as endless as a source of income may provide.  But that’s just probably me and my money dependency talking.

What would force me to do it?  A lousy job?  A failed relationship?  Money troubles?  Or would it be for something more spiritual in nature like the old adage about “finding oneself?”

Then I got to thinking:  Would the act be viewed as defeatist?  Weak?  Would people think less of me?  Actually, would I really care at that point?  After all, I would’ve left all of those perceptions– those expectations– behind.

What about you?  Would you do it?  Why or why not?


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