Beyond The Senses

I can’t help it.  I believe in the paranormal and the unexplained.  Thanks in large part to my own ghostly encounter many years ago.  In addition to ghosts, I readily accept psychics/sensitives, extraterrestrial life, demons, the notion of panspermia, and unusual abilities like pyschokinesis, telekinesis, precognition, and time travel– to name but a few.

This is probably why I love shows like Heroes, Ghost Hunters, Fringe and Paranormal State.  Again, to name but a few.  I’m drawn to the stories and accounts of situations and experiences outside of the norm.  And that these are happening all around us, whether we are aware of/acknowledge them or not.


Fringe (Fox), Heroes (NBC), Ghost Hunters (SyFy), and Paranormal State (A&E)

I’ve always felt conflicted about many of these beliefs because of my also being a Christian.  Catholic, to be exact.  The potential that life exists (and possibly even started) elsewhere– not to mention the theories of evolution and the formation of the universe– contest my belief on the Creation.  Extraordinary abilities seem to not be limited to prophets, saints and angels.  Rather, ordinary people are able to see into the past, predict the future, and interact with spirits of the departed.  I constantly wrestle with the notion that religion grew out of the necessity to explain why things were to a populace that wasn’t ready to imagine the science behind them.

Is it possible to marry these concepts into one ultimate belief?  Or is that something someone clinging onto a security blanket would ask?  Someone who scoffs at the idea of Judgment Day, but secretly harbors a desire to be “saved” when the time comes?

I don’t know where the answer lies, and drive myself crazy pondering these thoughts.


2 Responses to “Beyond The Senses”

  1. 1 DAVE ID December 29, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    As a hardcore atheist nothing slightly supernatural is acceptable in my eyes, much less the idea of god. The idea of prostrating myself to an idol for my sins which I cannot be responsible for in any way simply because of the existence of god itself.

    The Abrahamic god is omniscient and omnipotent. This by nature means that he knows everything. If he knows everything, then he also knows the future. If he knows the future this means the universe is deterministic therefore all our future actions are already locked in and cannot be changed but by the will of god. Therefore no one is responsible for their actions because without choice there is no possibility of morality or discernment. Therefore no action I take can I be held accountable for because it was god’s will.

    So with that all of humanity’s atrocities are god’s will, hating genocidal maniacs like Hitler would be wrong because how could we possibly know better than God? But then hating Hitler would be part of god’s will also. Another paradox.

    Embrace Science as your unified “belief” though it doesn’t take belief or blind folded fear to embrace science, it takes an intellectually honest and open mind. Religion was a primitive way of explaning the world, now we have science which is what the world is built upon. And sin vigorously, its more fun than waiting for an afterlife that will never come. You only live once.

    And I could go on forever about evolution… just read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. It’s mindblowing and will change the way you see the universe.

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