Lay Off The Caffeine Before a Big Run

There are those who advocate a cup of java before a run to help improve overall performance.  And there are those who don’t. Some appreciate the stimulating effect; some fear that it may lead to negative results.

In fact, ShotBloks by Cliff bar offers both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions of their energy gel quite possibly to cater to both trains of thought.  They’d want to be as inclusive as possible, after all, to maintain a client base.

I, for one, am not a caffeine drinker, in large part because I used to have hypertension, and don’t want to get myself into that situation again.  But the thought of other runners possibly having an edge over me due to caffeine-ingestion at once saddens and angers me.  I have runner friends who do drink a cup (or two) of coffee before a run, and many of them sing its praises.

I guess I simply would have to trust in my training– over a caffeine-dependence– to improve my performance.  And thank goodness for the decaf version of Shot Bloks!


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