I Knew This Would Happen…


I recently got an iPhone 3Gs through and because of work and, in a matter of days, I’ve naturally become very addicted to it. It’s like my Blackberry days from nearly a decade ago, when all someone had to do to parody me was to have a PDA on hand.

I was very obsessed with it. If I could, I would have slept with it. (Waitaminit…I think I did. Thankfully we both used protection.) Anyway, this was why in 2003 I said enough was enough and I gave it up for s standard cell phone.

And things have gone fine until I got s job where being mobile was the name of the game. But I’ve held out on buying an iPhone for fear that it was going to consume my life.

Sure enough here I was this morning reading and responding to work emails on a Saturday. I know I could simply ignore them but it’s hard to do. But I must discipline myself to function in my new reality, set boundaries, preventysekf from being a 24/7 kind of guy.

God help me…


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