Day 6: I’m Sick, Yo…

The humidity– and the constant transition from air conditioned environs into the great outdoors and back inside again– finally caught up to me, rendering me feeling less than stellar.  Since yesterday, I’ve been coughing and sneezing, have had the sniffles, and my throat has been needing a constant shot of lambanog to alleviate the pain and itch.  It’s the same thing that incessantly happened to me while living in Puerto Rico, which eventually made me leave the damned island.

Oh, well.  I’ll deal with it. 🙂

Yesterday, after much a-dillying and a-dallying, our sister’s friend took my brother and me to the infamous Mall of Asia, purported to be the third largest mall in Asia.  In all of fvckn Asia, yo!  Or the second largest, depending on who you ask.  It was definitely huge.  And they don’t give you a map so you can literally wander inside for days and not find your way out.  Thankfully, you wouldn’t starve to death because there’s easily a hundred food options.  I meandered over to a spoof shirts kiosk and bought a shirt that says “FedUp” instead of FedEx.  I found it funny.  We also had merienda at Max’s Fried Chicken, “the house that fried chicken built.”  My parents used to take us to the original Max’s (in Baclaran) when we were kids, so being in one (although a satellite location) brought back fond memories.  I don’t know if I completely recall the taste, but it was good indeed.

From there, she took us to the CCP area where one can view Manila Bay at multiple spots, and we meandered the streets of Malate where I finally saw my old high school (albeit at night).  It was surreal seeing the buildings that played a significant role during my formative years.  It was nighttime and, obviously, the building was closed.  But now I know how to get there and will definitely plan on coming back on Monday or Tuesday next week.  I have to.  Otherwise, my sojourn to the homeland will not be complete.

Then, as somewhat of a reward– and, especially since I kept mentioning it– we ate at the legendary Aristocrats Restaurant & Bakery in Malate.  I say legendary because my parents used to take us there also as kids and I remember their BBQ Chicken and Java rice being the best thing I ever ate.  And it did not disappoint.  If anything, I seem to recall the pieces being bigger and having more meat.  My brother, being the genius that he is, mentioned that was probably because I was a kid then and everything looked bigger.  I smacked him upside the head.

I don’t know what today will bring.  Whatever it does, I’ll be relishing it.  Only seven more days here in the homeland…


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