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More Fun while doing Number One

One word: Awesome.


Saturday Pic Picks // 01.03.09

What Do You See?

Let’s play Tree Trunk Rorschach!  Look at the image below of the tree trunk that has a portion of its bark chipped off.  What do you see?

If you saw a bacon mushroom double cheeseburger with a heaping side of french fries, me too!  What are the chances, huh?!


Roundabout Surprise

Roundabout Surprise

Random Cellphone Image

Rude Armadillo

Rude Armadillo

Westbound Over Hawthorne

Westbound Over Hawthorne Bridge

Snapped this pic while driving westbound over the Hawthorne Bridge on Friday morning. It was the start of a glorious day.

Photo © 2008, JonSquared Productions. All rights reserved.

Sunny Drive Home

Hawthorne at 530pm

It was a nice sunny day today in (usually drenched) P-Town. I snapped this pic on the final leg of my commute home, traversing lower Hawthorne. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, taking pictures while driving isn’t the safest thing to do. But, I swear to you–I had both hands on the camera.