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Bullet Thoughts // 10.29.08

  • Greg Oden, the savior of the Portland Trailblazers, finally debuts on the NBA one year after P-Town acquired him.  As you may or may not know, Oden sat out his first year as an NBA player due to a knee injury acquired during a pre-season practice game.  So, here we are, one year later, when he finally “debuts” at the Blazers/Laker game on Monday, and he gets injured again!  And now he’s out for at least four weeks!  His management is adamant that they’re behind Oden all the way, but many a Blazer fan are tired of him.  Hmm, ODEN spelled differently is DONE.  I’m so clever.
  • English is my second language, and when I’m not paying attention, I would make the silliest grammatical errors.  Take for instance when someone says “Thank you” to me.  I may have it in my head to say “No problem,” but then decide that’s too casual, and aim to say “You’re welcome” instead.  But, I would get things mixed up in my head and end up saying “You’re problem” or “No welcome,” neither of which is an appropriate response and certainly sends all the wrong messages.
  • I’ve recently set a new ‘best mile’ as recorded by Nike+.  This morning, I ran a mile at a 7:44 pace.  You may recall that I posted quite a while back having run a best mile at an 8:03 pace back then.  I’m quite happy about this development. 🙂
  • Adults who hurt children are the biggest monsters of all.
  • I realized today that I hadn’t had a Dorito in three months.  This is quite bizarre to me, given how much I used to enjoy that snack.  My love affair with the nacho cheese goodness began in 1980.  I remember achieving such a euphoric state whenever I would open a bag.  (In fact, there was a time when I could eat a whole family-size bag by myself!)  I’m not sure what it is about the combination of textures and taste that used to make Doritos so irresistable to me.  Nowadays, I can stare at a bowl of it, and walk away.  The craving is gone.  I’m certain I’ll eat another Dorito at one point or another, and I wonder what that next bite would be like.
  • I hate having to wear glasses and detest not being able to wear contacts due to my allergies.  And I secretly wish my vision was so messed up that I would finally qualify for LASIK.  (Yes, I’d asked two optometrists so far and both have said that my vision is not severe enough to warrant the procedure.)  But, alas, that surgery is not in the cards for me yet.  And, maybe that’s for the better.  The thought of having a laser on my eyeball frightens me.

Dream Trade

If I had my way, I would trade my car for one of these:

The truck that keeps on giving...

The truck that keeps on giving...

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Returning to Vegetarianism?

I’m seriously reconsidering vegetarianism for health reasons. Ever since I incorporated meats into my diet again at the end of ’05– compounded by my advancing years– I seem to have developed one malady after another. And, I’m afraid that if I don’t make some drastic changes, things will only get worse. Of course, eating meat is not necessarily a health risk in itself. Not eating meat, however, benefits many aspects of life apart from one’s health.

From January ’02 to December ’05, I was lacto-ovo-vegetarian, which is a fancy way of saying that I allowed dairy and eggs into my vegetarian lifestyle. I actually arrived at lacto-ovo-vegetarianism through a gradual process of eliminating one type of meat after another for a full year. I gave up beef in January ’99; beef and pork in January ’00; beef, pork, and chicken in January ’01; and, finally, all meats in January ’02. This gradual elimination of certain types of meat helped ease me into my vegetarian lifestyle. There is actually a book on becoming vegetarian gradually.

The toughest part about being vegetarian at that time was when I lived in Puerto Rico, the antithesis to vegetarianism. Every dish in Puerto Rico involved some type of meat or meat product. During my first week there, I was at a restaurant where I’d ordered a “vegetarian” item only to find out afterward that the broth was made from pork fat. And, because of the nature of my job, I had no time to cook for myself and ended up resorting to fast food, takeout, and overall unhealthy albeit meat-free eating. I actually found myself rationalizing: “Hey, Doritos is vegetarian, right?”

Finally, it took a trip to Japan– where I wanted to taste authentic sushi and Kobe beef– to accept meat into my diet again. That was when my health started taking a turn for the worse.

A co-worker of mine announced in January that he had become vegetarian. My Little Bro has been vegetarian for a decade now, I believe. Vegetarianism has also been touted as one of the best ways to “green living.” All the signs are there for me to see.

Of course, I may be blaming eating meat for my poor health right now. I’m certain I’m overlooking other factors such as ineffective exercise regimen and overall inactivity. But becoming vegetarian again can only help.


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