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Bullet Thoughts // 10.24.08

  • I’ve reclaimed my Monday nights!  I am no longer waiting to tune in to a particular show that has gone from hit to shit since its groundbreaking premier two seasons ago.  I am talking about the TV show, Heroes, whose premise has spiraled in all directions — and none of them exclusively good — since Hiro went back to feudal Japan at the start of the second season.  Tim Kring and his team either got extremely lazy with their writing or they’ve deluded themselves (and their network) into thinking that what they’ve produced for Season 3 not only will win their fans back but gain new ones.  This former fan, their decreased viewership, and even Entertainment Weekly, have serious doubts.
  • By accident, I recently discovered Michael Savage‘s radio show called Savage Nation on Portland’s KXL Newsradio 750 AM, which I also accidentally discovered while trying to locate NPR.  I should explain that the reason I was searching for NPR was because I’ve found myself driving these days with the music off, but decided that I still needed some sort of auditory stimuli to bear with the daily commute.  And, when I got tired of talking to myself for the sake of having sounds in the car, I thought, “National Public Radio!  Why not?  Smart people listen to it, so I should too!”  Alas, I wasn’t smart enough to know which frequency in Portland broadcast NPR, and ended up on Savage’s show one afternoon.  To say the least, it was riveting.  Here’s a man who speaks his mind.  I may not agree 100% with everything he’s spouting off about, but he makes some very interesting points.  Interesting enough that I, being neither a Democrat nor a Republican, have tuned in to his show for the last week now, and have been intrigued.  Although, some of the people who call in to his show scare me, people with whom I would have a problem relating.  But I have to remind myself that they, too, are just speaking their minds — the very basis of Independent thinking.  I’ll give Savage a few more listens, and then I’ll make up my mind whether I’m a budding Independent or a Progressive or a Progressive Independent…or if I should turn the music back on.
  • I love the autumn leaves until it’s time to rake them.

The Villains are Coming

After the long wait, I have mixed feelings about this season’s Heroes.

On the one hand, there were enough WTF moments during the two-hour season premiere that would make me want to stick around for answers.  For instance, WTF is up with Nikki/Jessica now being a third persona?  Or WTF did Mrs. Petrelli mean by saying she is Sylar’s mother?  Does that really mean that Sylar is actually Nathan’s and Peter’s brother?  That would explain many things, I think.  And WTF is Heroes suddenly turning into a former Veronica Mars actors’ reunion?

On the other hand, WTF is up with Nikki’s new power?  She freezes people?  And WTF is up with all this time-traveling stuff?  It’s as if series creator Tim Kring has wrapped himself around that singular idea, and has anchored all three seasons so far on that premise.  It’s gotten trite.

All in all, the “two-hour premiere” (which is really just two episodes shown back-to-back) was enjoyable.  It was great to see the characters again.  The short second season left quite a longing in this here blogger that this third season — in spite of a strong possibility of sucking — is like oxygen.  And the new characters thus far and that have yet to be introduced have my interest piqued.

I’ll be sticking around.  For now.  But, I have to be honest here — if nothing significant happens in the next couple of episodes, I may not.

Mr. Kring, please make me eat my words.


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