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Bullet Thoughts // 11.08.08

Ignorance truly is bliss.  Yesterday afternoon, while at the gas station, I was informed by the attendant that my fuel tank cap was missing.  “What?” I said, flabbergasted, and wondered how long I’d been driving without it.  It could’ve been ages, and it was only this one gas station attendant who finally told me about it.  So, of course, after I got that concerning news, I drove away from the gas station to the nearest Napa Auto Parts periodically watching my fuel tank door cover, expecting to see it spilling gas at any moment.  Meanwhile, the whole time I didn’t know my fuel tank cap was missing, I paid little attention to it.  Needless to say, I plopped down eight bucks for a new fuel tank cap and peace of mind.


How much do we love Fridays?  No, I’m not talking about the chain restaurants.  I’m referring to the day of the week that nearly every working stiff looks forward to even as they roll into work on Monday morning.  “Happy Friday Eve” some people even exclaim, further enforcing our affinity (and complete disregard of Thursdays).  When I was in the hotel industry, where my workweek was anything but typical, Fridays meant very little to me.  It was just another day in paradise.  Nowadays, I can barely contain myself when Fridays come along.  I text “TGIF!” to unsuspecting friends.  Fridays signal not as much the end of the week as it does the start of a weekend.  I love looking forward to it, whether or not I have anything going on that night.


The weather today is suffering from multiple personality disorder— one moment sunny, another moment stormy.  I really wish it would make up its mind.  I was thinking about raking the leaves, but absolutely refuse doing so when it’s nasty out because it takes only one nasty strong wind to blow through and make all my work for naught.  Hmm, come to think of it, I actually can thank today’s volatile weather for allowing me to forego the dreadful chore of raking leaves.  Thanks, Sybil!


What is the statute of limitations on elections lawn signs?  I took a run this morning and saw a ton of Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin signs still sticking out of poeple’s lawns.  Uh, isn’t the election over?  Is there some inexplicable nostalgia that these people are hanging on to by keeping these signs up?

Last Night in Gresham

I spent several hours at a friend’s house last night kickin’ it with a group of pals that I’d known an average of 15 years.  What’s cool about this group is that we talk about everything and nothing at the same time, and are still friends at the end.

On the drive up to L. and D.’s place, I picked up my buddy R.  In the car, our discussion was somehow steered toward global warming, renewable energy, and alternative fuel.  R. believes global warming is a farce and that renewable energy and alternative fuel have a long way to go before becoming mainstream.  He is further adamant that the U.S. was foolhardy in its stance against the use of nuclear energy while he claimed that European countries (like France, England, and the Scandinavian nations) are benefiting from them day-in/day-out.  I asked him what he thought about solar power, and he admitted that harvesting solar power for energy would only work in states like Arizona and New Mexico; making it a possibility in rain-drenched Oregon is too far-fetched, he mused.  I expressed that if there was a way to harvest solar power and store it somehow for later — not immediate — use, I think it could work in temperate climes like Oregon.  He suggested that governments should invest in hybrid energy technology — akin to that used in hybrid cars.

I thought about that and I think it makes perfect sense.  In Oregon, for example, we could draw on solar energy for power during the months of July and August when the sun is most present, giving our hydroelectric power plants a rest.  Then, during our ‘stormier’ weather months (November, March, April), we could use wind power to generate electricity.  I don’t know if this is possible, but, if it is, I think it makes perfect sense.

At L. and D.’s place, while we were lazing around the foot pool, I made the mistake of asking our friend V. who she was going to vote for come November.  She said, “I don’t want to talk about that right now.”  When I looked up at her, she’d pointed at R. with a nod.  I shot her a look that stated “Ah, I get it.”  You see, V. is a Democrat, while R. — our very opinionated friend — is a Republican.  I instantly realized that V. and R. had had previous discussions about the matter, and V.’s reluctance indicated that it wasn’t a fun conversation.

So, I asked instead, “Has anyone seen the Dark Knight?” which elicited some lighthearted responses.  V. indicated that it was one of the best films she’d seen in a while; R. thinks that Heath Ledger’s performance — although very good — was grossly overrated.  (I’ve yet to see it but will do so today.)  I was relieved that I’d successfully averted a heated discussion about politics — which I knew is R.’s favorite topic.  Primarily because he’s very knowledgeable about it and generally loves that shit.  And I know that V. is also very steadfast in her beliefs, and wouldn’t necessarily allow R. to have the last word.  Yes, it would’ve been an ugly exchange of words indeed.

I was ready to then discuss the benefits of soy products when V. all of a sudden blurted out of the blue: “Why would I vote for an old guy anyway?”

For several hours, the conversation went from politics to religion to racial discrimination to derogatory terminology to alternative fuel sources to urban harvesting to vegetarianism to public transportation, etc. etc.  It was lively — I’ll give you that.  But there were plenty of times when I thought a fist-fight would ensue between R. and D. (L’s husband).  Yes, they got that heated.

When all was said and done, and we’d finally said our goodbyes at the end of the night, my only regret is that I never got the opportunity to debate the benefits of soy products.

Oh, well.  That’d be for another party. 😉

Obama in 30 Seconds

Just spreading the word for a friend of mine. 🙂

Blah, Blah, Blah

I heard that spring is officially here so why does it still feel like winter in Portland. No, we don’t have snow. We very rarely do. At least, not in the valley. In fact, I think it snowed only three or four times this past “winter” and they were mere dusting. That was our only indication that the season indeed changed from autumn to winter. I truly wished we had the true four seasons here in Stumptown. Of course, I really shouldn’t complain about what we do or don’t have here by way of seasonal changes. I mean, it couldn’t be any worse than what’s happening in the Midwest right now.


Presidential hopeful Barack Obama will be in Portland today and all 10,000 of the free tickets were snatched within minutes of their being available a few days ago. So fast and in hot demand they were, in fact, that some very keen people decided to sell their free tickets on Craigslist. And I heard that people are actually buying them. Thank G-d capitalism isn’t dead.


I guess the U.S. has been at war with Iraq for five years now. What have we got to show for it? Let’s see: nearly 4,000 dead soldiers, the value of the dollar continues to go down while gas prices endure its upward momentum, a looming economic recession, and George W. Bush still believes he’s doing things right.


Easter is just around the corner. Not only is that day a celebration of our Lord rising from the dead, it is also a day of hope and peace and joy. The ultimate joy I personally will feel is that I’ve decided to allow myself to drink Espresso again once Easter comes around. Yipee!

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