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I’m Diggin’ This Song Big time


Etymological Lesson

WARNING:  Adult language. Uncontrollable tail flailing.

Song Hye Kyo: Beautiful




I’d rather not floss but I know I have to do it.  Who the hell thought this up anyway?  Whatever happened to good old-fashioned rotting teeth and gums? 

I’d rather not have to work for a living, but I have no choice.  That damned windfall still hasn’t happened.  Oh, but I keep playing my numbers.  Boy, do I ever!

I’d rather not workout, but the consequences of not doing so far outweighs the joy of simply lazing around.  I look forward to the day when they invent a weight-loss hammock.  It’s gonna happen.  I can feel it.

I’d rather take the train than fly to somewhere.  There’s a certain kind of tranquility that can only be experienced from gazing out of a train car’s window.

I’d rather have a little bit of insanity in me to keep things interesting.  Life in the short and narrow would be depressing.

I’d rather play in the snow than lay out in the sun.  I have my ADHD to thank for that…

A Great Day!


Christ is Risen...

Christ is Risen...

Pins and Needles

So, I went to the doctor yesterday to finally talk to him about the incessant pins-and-needles sensation on my right leg that I’ve been ignoring for the past several weeks. The good doctor looked a little weathered, with grays on the ends of his otherwise dark sideburns. At one point, he marveled that I was suffering from such a dilemma for someone “at such a young age.” Then he looked at my file again and said, “Waitaminit. You’re older than me?!” That made my day.

Hey, I Know That Guy!

File this one under ‘HOLY SHIT!’  I used to work at the hotel where this incident happened.  And I know exactly who Kevin Drew is.  I’ve always thought he was a little off.  He very quiet and kept to himself even while working with other people.  I never would’ve thought he’d do something like this.  It’s just so fuckin bizarre.  Poor bastard…

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