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Bullet Thoughts // 11.29.08

I’m convinced that I must stutter.  That or Miami-based Starbucks are just not used to making ‘hot’ coffee drinks that they’ve gotten my order wrong at multiple locations (the only exception being that at Miami-Dade International Airport).  ‘No room’– which, to those of you who are unfamiliar with Starbucks speech, means to not allow any space for cream– seems an alien concept to the Floridians, who are no doubt more accustomed to iced versions of their more popular beverages.  I think, however, that what was actually happening this weekend was that the ‘regular’ staff must’ve had the Thanksgiving holiday off, which, therefore, meant that the area Starbucks locations were manned with relief or (even more alarming) ‘temp’ employees.  Tis the holiday season.  But, at least, at Starbucks, you won’t end up getting trampled on by caffeine addicts.  One couldn’t say the same about the poor Wal-Mart employee in New York state who lost his life because some shoppers were obssessed with the floating smiley face.  Poor bastard…


I realized that it would be impossible for me to wear a confident face whilst running on the sandy beaches of Miami.  I must’ve looked quite pathetic this morning, in particular, while I attempted to run even one mile.  The shoes I wore were definitely not meant for sand-running.  Ever step sank in the soft sand.  I realize that I probably should’ve been running closer to the water, where the sand was a bit more firm.  So, I took my shoes off and proceeded to run as if I was taping a Baywatch commercial.  At best, I probably looked like David Hasselhoff‘s retarded Asian brother.  This is not to say that David himself isn’t retarded.  I’m sorry; I’m being insensitive.  I meant to say ‘mentally challenged’…


One thing about Miami, nay– South Beach, in particular– is that people live to look good.  The women are like models, wearing the typical tropical attire: tight, tight, and tight.  Oh, and tight.  And the men (most of whom are undoubtedly flying the rainbow flag) appear as though they spend half their days inside the gym.  Another thing about Miami, however, is the prevalence of the walking cane crowd, the elderly from the northeast who have decided that they enjoy eternal sunshine for their spotless minds.  And they’re incredibly/maniacally active, often seen walking or running as only Florida’s weather can allow.  I say “Good for you, Grandma or Grandpa!  Now, if you don’t mind, get the hell out of my way…”


Happy Thanksgiving!




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It’s 452am, and I am sitting at an airport Starbucks, sipping on my decaf triple tall no room Americano, marveling at how cheerful the people behind the counter are this morning, and those in front of it aren’t.  I’m certain it always starts out this way, and by the end of the day (alas, probably even as early as by 8am), the baristas themselves are as grumpy or even grumpier than the travelers.  The travelers: never chipper this early.  The only ones smiling this morning are probably Oklahomans who are on their way home, wondering if someone’s already milked the cows. Okay, maybe they don’t all have to be Oklahomans.  Some may just be on crack.

I hate traveling.  Check that.  I love to travel.  It’s the airplane rides that I despise.  This is why I’m an alcoholic.  Just kidding.  But, I did get into Jack-and-Cokes because of a general unease of flying.  Too bad none of the bars are open right now.  Which is so inconsiderate, if you ask me.  I mean, it is 5pm somewhere…

Placebo Effect?

It really works!

It really works!

On Saturday night, I was to meet up with my Li’l Bro and a cousin for a late-night romp at one of Seattle’s neighborhoods.  By 6pm, I was already feeling quite tired, having started the day with an early morning run.  Add a fast-food Chinese dinner and I was inching my way toward Slumberville.

So, before I rendezvoused with them, I headed to a 7-Eleven convenience store to purchase one of those 5-Hour Energy drinks.  I’ve always been weary of such products, afraid primarily that it contains ingredients that would make me later regret having imbibed it, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Not only does it not have sugar (instead relying on the artificial sweetener called sucralose, which is the same thing that Splenda), it relies on vitamin B12 as its primary source of energy.  Here’s a snapshot of the ingredients label that I got from this website.

Immediately after downing the shot (which, apparently, is what you’re supposed to do rather than sipping it), I was feeling more energetic and, indeed, three or four hours later, I felt like I could go on for another couple of hours.  Alas, at 1am, when I got back to my sister’s place (where I was crashing for the night), I was ready for bed but didn’t feel any sort of “crash” that the product predicted I wouldn’t have.

For years, I’ve avoided Red Bull like the plague because I didn’t want to rely on any sort of energy drink in order to get though a day– especially since it contains caffeine, which I cannot have.  Now that I’ve tried 5-Hour Energy, I think I’ve found the closest thing to the fountain of youth that I can get in a 2-ounce bottle.

Nike Pro: I’m a Believer!



I ran this morning with my Nike Pro for the first time, and I’m a believer!  The material was lightweight and snug, wrapping itself around my torso like an eggroll wrapper to ground beef.  My body temperature instantly felt regulated, without the hassle of multiple layers.  In fact, I only had a thin windbreaker over the Nike Pro that I already felt very aerodynamic.  I recorded a new ‘fastest mile’ (7:22) this morning and ran 6.85 miles at 7:46 pace.  And this in 37 degree weather!  I’ll be heading back to the Nike store to get a few more Nike Pro shirts (as well as pants) so that I can continue to run outside this winter.

Bullet Thoughts // 11.19.08

  • I’ve often wondered why we look upwards (to either the right or the left) whenever we ponder something, as if the mere act helps usher subsequent revelation or clarity.  Who started this?  Did we develop them as kids because we noticed others doing it and, therefore, ended up mimicking it?  Or is it deeply ingrained in our DNA, an instinctual mannerism brought upon by evolution?  It’s been stated that the act may be the inadvertent physical manifestation of accessing either the left side (logical) or the right side (random) of the brain in response to a stimulus (i.e. a question).  Hence, when asked to solve a mathematical problem, you may tend to look upwards and to your right, accessing the more rational/analytical side of your brain.  Conversely, when engaged in creative writing, and you’re thinking of the next line, you may tend to look upwards and to the left, accessing the more intuitive side of your brain.  As you read this bullet thought, did you just look up to the right or left as you pondered the answer?
  • I’ve recently recorded my fastest mile to-date at 7:24 minutes.  Woot!
  • Can Rogaine grow chest hair?  I have exactly three hairs on my chest.  Three!  I am the unhairiest guy I know.  Yes, it’s my vanity speaking.  I’m this close to shaving off these three effin follicles on my chest just because, but I’m afraid it’ll bring me bad karma.  Besides, I really should be careful what I wish for.
  • In January, I’m having all four wisdom teeth pulled, and I want to be totally conked out while it is happening.  I fear, however, that something will go horribly wrong while I’m asleep, and the only time I’ll find out about it is after nothing could be done anymore.  Of course, even if I was awake when something goes wrong, there probably isn’t anything I could do anyway.  I mean, what could I possibly do except to maybe punch the dentist, which, of course, will be counterproductive because he could totally just go postal on me and do godknowswhat to my vulnerable mouth.  If you hadn’t guessed already, I have a deep anxiety over dental work.  Oh, why couldn’t I just have perfectly healthy, trouble-free teeth forever and ever and ever?!

A Plea to (Some) Modern Women…

Please don’t condemn me for being courteous.

When I open the door for you or have you pass through first, it isn’t because I think you’re incapable of opening the door for yourself or that I think you’re any kind of “weaker” gender.  The same thing goes for whenever I pull a chair out for you and gently push it in as you settle in your seat.  I’m not trying to be chivalrous, or to live in the past — I’m just being gracious.

I happen to think that being a gentleman is not a bad thing.  I get annoyed when I see some men — especially the youth — with little to no manners toward women.  I cringe whenever a man goes through a door and allows it to swing shut toward a woman who walks in after him. I consider that discourteous and tacky.

But, I wonder, if this is because they’ve been told by some women not to open doors for them or make them go through first…

I should clarify that it’s not about respect.  I respect you without opening the door for you or pulling out your chair or closing the car door after allowing you to sit first or carrying that heavy bag for you.  And, if you refuse what you may interpret as “help” from me, I will gladly yield.

Yes, I realize that times change, and that people change, but I also believe some things should never change.

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